exhibita is used daily by hundreds of art professionals
3d gallery creation

Have your gallery space professionally surveyed and modelled by our team of 3D specialists. Alternatively, we have developed a simple toolset for you to build your own.

it's all about the art

You can link with your collection management system or enter art directly into Exhibita. 

awesome installation reports

Printing a full installation report of everything that you've placed within your design is one click away..

export to ipad and web

Export your finished design for all to see. Perfect for education, design review and promotion of your exhibition. 

how it works

create a gallery space

If you prefer not to have our team of 3D specialists create a beautiful gallery space for you, we have developed a toolset so you can do it yourself. Simply import a floor plan or draw from scratch. Create the basic room shape, add openings and textures and then you are ready to go. You can move anywhere within the gallery space knowing that you are dynamically linked to the 2D plan. This means whatever artwork or temporary object you drop into the 3D space is captured in the 2D plan.


import your art data

Create a folder with all your artwork thumbnail images for your exhibition. Import a spreadsheet which lists each unique code and dimensions of the artwork. This data can extend to information about the Artist, the artwork, couriers, crate numbers and even lux levels of spotlights. After you have imported your data, Exhibita will do the rest.


curate your exhibition

Once your artwork data has been imported, you now have a palette of artwork at your fingertips to drag and drop into your gallery space. Exhibita helps you to automatically align and space hanging art and view the footprint of a 3D work. Enjoy the freedom you have to effortlessly curate and visualise exactly what your exhibition will look like.


print an installation report

Once you have finished designing and curating your exhibition, it is now time to print a report. This report automatically creates floor plans of each gallery space with all temporary objects such as walls, plinths and cabinets. It then generates an elevation of each wall space that artwork has been placed. Of course, all dimensions are visible so the installation team can clearly see where each work of art should be placed.


review & promote your exhibition

Making your virtual exhibition available to the outside world is a fantastic way to attract visitors and help students understand the curatorial process. They can get an in depth and immersive view of each piece of art and explore freely around your gallery as if they are there. It is also a perfect way for you and other stakeholders to review the exhibition you have created. Many exhibition contributors work remotely and having a digital version of your exhibition for all to see can have great cost saving and time benefits.